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"I like Drama because I get to be myself."
"I like Drama because I can express myself."
- Alex, age 7

"Beth Painter's drama workshop is a gift to children! Her 'CONTAGIOUS' enthusiasm and expertise in facilitating kids gives them a sense of empowerment and self-esteem. My daughter Anna had a wonderful time in Beth's nurturing environment exploring the art of drama."
- Betsy True-Bloomfield
Broadway Actress, Playwright, Mom

"My daughter Abby has been with Contagious Drama for a year. Every week she could not wait until Acting Class and counted the days until the next one. Each time she came out of class there was a level of excitement and enthusiam that was great to see! The class is the perfect blend of teaching and fun and age appropriate activities. I would highly recommend it to any young budding actors!"
- Christine

“Contagious Drama Workshop allows me to have a good time with friends I don’t otherwise get to see too often, while having a good time doing something I love.  It’s like heaven set up shop in Westfield.” - Calvin Nemackay

“Contagious Drama is one of the best experiences an actor or anyone could ask for.  Not only does  CDW help actors grow and improve their craft, it creates wonderful memories.  The people at CDW grow together and become a family with unbreakable bonds.  The program is fun, engaging and a joy to be part of.” - Casey Murphy

"Improv has taught me that I'm:  funny . rude . cruel . passive . considerate . dumb . loving . inappropriate . spot-on . smart . resistant . helpful ...but I was all of those things before I started improv.  So, then improv - in not allowing me to hesitate or self-censor - has challenged me to exhibit all of these aspects of myself and then, equally as important, provided a space in which to accept them.  Improv is a process by which a person can grow - class by class, venture by venture - more varied, more human and thus more authentic ...or I should say that's how Beth teaches improv. How our paths happened to cross I don't know, I'm just very glad and grateful they did." - Pam, adult improv student

"Contagious Drama Workshop has been the most amazing experience for my kids.  Beth has taken my oldest daughter from not being heard in class to an A in Public Speaking.  She has made her comfortable in her own skin, which is really the biggest challenge when raising a middle school aged daughter.  Beth gives these kids the confidence to take chances and soar!  She always finds that special way to draw a kid out of their shell, even if they seem confident on the outside, and take it to the next level.  Contagious Drama workshop is one of the BEST things I have ever done for my kids." - Tanya Evans


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