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Course Descriptions

"The most important thing for me when working with my students is for them to express themselves with truth and honesty; it's about making genuine connections." - Beth Painter

Creative Dramatics (6-8's 1st-3rd grade) Wednesdays or Thursdays

In this supportive environment, children learn basic theater skills through theater games, improvisation and role-playing. Students develop their imaginations, intuition, and problem-solving skills while exploring and connecting with their creative selves. Each session culminates with a informal share day created by the students!  

Improvisation and Scene Study (8-11's  3rd-5th grade)

This class enables students to explore characters and learn how to make personal connections to them. They will learn how to analyze a character and answer the basic questions that actors must ask themselves when approaching a piece of work: Who? Where? What? Why? How? For the winter session, students will practice the art of improvisation and engage in theater games, warm ups and vocal exercises. Students will be be assigned a scene to develop and present at the end of the session.  Note, the fall session focus is on scene study and the winter sesssion focus is on improvisation!  

5-8th grade Improvisation!  

In this fun filled and very active class, students will focus on the basics of comedic improvisation!  They will learn and practice the basic principles of improv which inlude agreement, active listening, supporting your partner, giving up control, using your environment and being specific.

Teens Improvisation and scene study

Students will engage in the art of improvisation! (see above)

Adult Improvisation Workshop

Have you ever watched “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and thought they must be having a ball? Register for one or two of these hands on improvisation bonanzas! Learn a few key elements to improvisation and then get on your feet and act! No prep work or prior experience necessary. This class was designed to engage every person and is guaranteed to relieve stress! Each class includes warm ups and theater games.

Corporate Team Building (NEW!)

Interested in a team building experience for your organization? Contact Beth Painter to discuss creative, hands-on team-building workshops focused on improvisation.

Private Coaching

Private Coaching is available for students interested in individual sessions to prepare for auditions, productions, bar and bat mitzvahs, etc.

Scout Badges

Scout leaders may contact the Workshop to discuss badge programs for their troops.

Birthday/Holiday Parties

Guests get on their feet and play hysterical improvisation games!  Great for all ages!  Even adults!  Send email request for more information.

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