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By Peter Filichia/For The Star-Ledger, October 12, 2009

A 'Love Song' that's out of tune "... Beth Painter shows with every Alliance appearance — this is her fourth — that she is a major actress. She plays the tired businesswoman with a razor-sharpness. Painter squints in disapproval, nods when speaking to the men in her life, and lets an audience see a woman who’s a step ahead of everyone. Her speech on why she became the hard-shelled woman she is emerges as a genuine manifesto, and a production highlight."  Read full review

Westfield Leader, May 14, 2009

Alliance Theater Strikes a 'Match' with Belber Play "... Lisa, played sensitively by Ms. Painter, does a lot of reacting in this play. That can be tricky for an actress who is a mere 10 feet away from an audience that can sense her every move. Ms. Painter is up to the challenge of intimate theater with minute facial reactions and appropriate, slight physical variances to suggest shift in response. Her breakthrough at the end ot Act II is perfectly played with a tender touch."  Read full review (p. 23)

Star-Ledger, May 6, 2009

Intimate story soars in small setting "... Beth Painter amuses when she must keep the peace. Lisa's opinion on both men shifts as the play continues, and Painter maneuvers around every swerve with great dexterity. She also gets a great second-act speech; Painter makes it moving and not maudlin."  Read full review

press coverage of the workshop

Westfield Patch

A Cup of Coffee With Beth Painter

"Currently the project that has captivated the heart and soul of the actress is the drama workshop she runs out of The Presbyterian Church in Westfield. Started in 2006, Painter offers a variety of classes for budding actors from 5 to 95 years of age...

Painter said the lessons learned and skills practiced in improv transcend all areas of life. Specific rules and principles of improv such as maintaining eye contact, encouraging agreement and striving to create open-ended conversations can be applied to any situation."  Read full article

Westfield Leader, Dec 21, 2006

The Contagious Drama Workshop Spreads a Little Love this Season

The Contagious Drama Workshop (CDW) wrapped up a fabulous semester with a series of presentations and a short play at the Presbyterian Church of Westfield. CDW’s Creative Dramatics class put on a play that touched on the serious topic of homelessness. The script was inspired by a story that was read in class. The students thought it would make a great play for presentation and went on to develop a script through improvisation. As a follow up, Beth Painter and her creative students decided to launch a clothing drive to benefit some of the homeless population in Elizabeth.

The students of the CDW are not just learning to perform, they are practicing the art of being caring and empathetic individuals. Ms Painter stated “I’m very proud of the accomplishments all my students have achieved this session; they are giving so much of themselves, through their performance and with this clothing drive.”

This clothing drive is being done in conjunction with the AGAPE program sponsored by the Presbyterian Church in Westfield. Through AGAPE (which means love), the homeless of Elizabeth are provided with hot meals, bagged lunches and warm clothing. If you are interested in making a donation for the AGAPE program or becoming an on-site volunteer, please contact Priscilla at the Presbyterian Church of Westfield at (908) 233-0301 ext.24.

The Contagious Drama Workshop will begin its Winter/Spring session on January 24th. Classes are for a wide range of ages (4 through Teens).

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